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1. What constitutes an organization for the purposes of this call for  proposals?
The applying organization (or lead organization) is the one responsible for subject expertise, research and the administration of funds. Organizations could be private research organizations (e.g., non-governmental organizations, cooperatives, unions, civil society organizations, non-profit foundations or divisions of for-profit organizations) or public (e.g., governmental departments of line ministries or local governments). Eligible organizations:
  • are registered as a legal corporation in an eligible country;
  • have a key corporate objective to carry out independent research;
  • have a corporate policy to allow researchers to publish freely in the international academic literature; and
  • are not part of the United Nations. 
2. What does it mean for an organization to be based/registered in an eligible country?
Organizations from one of the eligible countries listed ECOWAS and in the MENA region (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and The West Bank) must have legal corporate registration in that country. The organization’s legal corporate registration must show that the jurisdiction of registration is the eligible country. In order for IDRC to enter into an agreement with your organization, IDRC must be satisfied that the organization has independent legal status (or 'legal personality') and is capable of contracting in its own right and name.
3. Are institutions based in other countries eligible to apply?
Submissions can include collaborating institutions from countries in other countries in MENA or West Africa or from other regions as long as the majority of the activities take place in eligible countries, and significant contribution to the eligible regions is demonstrated.
4. If I am not affiliated with an institution, can I apply alone?
Applications from individual persons will not be accepted.
5. Can we submit a proposal if we are a team of researchers (consortium)?
Research consortia comprised of multiple institutional partners may apply. The proposal must clearly indicate strong commitment from all members to forming a viable and effective consortium. One partner must be designated as the lead institution. The lead institution is responsible for submitting the application to IDRC on behalf of the consortium. This institution must adhere to the eligibility criteria mentioned in FAQ #1
6. Can my consortium contain a South-North Partnership?
Research consortia comprising both Southern and Northern institutions may be considered, though IDRC resources will be devoted to strengthening institutions in the South.  Lead applicants must be based and work in one of the eligible countries. 
7. Can I apply to both the Calls for Proposal for West Africa and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)?
Yes, you can have separate submissions for the two regions as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for each of those regions.

8. Can I apply to both thematic areas of Call namely Health Information Systems (HIS) and Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH)?
Yes, you can have separate submissions for the two thematic areas as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for each of those themes.

9. Can I submit more than one application to the same thematic area in the same region?
Yes, you can.
10. How do I submit CVs of the applicant team?
You can choose one of the accepted format for CV submission. Note that only one file can be uploaded into the system. All CVs must be appended into one file and then the file can be uploaded to the system.

11. What is your definition of “lead applicant”?
The lead applicant is responsible for the intellectual conception and implementation of the idea, the direction of the proposed activities and management of the grant. The lead applicant should submit the application to IDRC on behalf of the partnership (if applicable).
12. What is your definition of “collaborating organization” in this Call for proposals  
A collaborating organization is an institution that is not part of the core team managing the research project but contributes to activities of the project. Collaborating organizations will not receive nor manage the project funds.
13. What is the maximum amount of funding we can request?
The ceiling amount for this Call for Proposal is CAD 750,000.

14. Which currency should I submit the budget in?
IDRC accepts budget in the working currency of your organization. A link to the currency exchange website is provided in the application to calculate the equivalent in Canadian funds.
15 What is the limit of indirect costs or overhead costs allowable?  
Indirect costs are allowable up to a maximum of 13% of the overall budget for each member. Please refer to Guidelines for acceptable project expenditures for more information on indirect cost (link). This amount applies for any amounts allocated to subcontracting. Please note that the total budget including the indirect costs should not be higher than the maximum amount of funding mentioned above.
16. Is the lead organization permitted to include a management fee for coordinating the partnership and collaborating organizations?  If so what are the rules in setting this up?
The lead organization cannot include a fee for the management of the partnership. However, the lead organization can include a Coordinator position in the Personnel line item of the budget to cover fees related to management and coordination of the research and related activities.
17. Which browser is best to use to open the online application platform?  
We recommend that you use one of the following browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox 35.0 or above or Internet explorer 11.
18. When can applicants expect to receive a response to their proposal?
Applicants selected will be notified in the summer of 2017.
19. Will I receive feedback on my application?
IDRC will share the feedback on the selected proposals with successful applicants. Given that the volume of applications is not yet known, at this time IDRC is not planning to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications. In this case, you will receive a notification following review that your submission was unsuccessful.
20. How is the review of the applications conducted?
Eligible proposals will be reviewed by technical experts internal and external to IDRC. 
21. If I have questions on the call for proposal, where should I turn?
The call documents and this FAQ page should address most relevant application questions and are updated regularly. However, if additional technical questions or difficulties arise, please contact

22. Can I submit my application by email to IDRChealth-CRDIsante (

We strongly encourage all applicants to apply using the FluidReview system and submit all required information and documents before the deadline. However, we do understand that some applicants may face technical difficulties in uploading the required information. If this is your case, please do follow these steps:

  • If you are having technical problems uploading the required documents, please write immediately to IDRChealth-CRDIsante ( describing the problem.  We will connect you with our IT system specialist who will work with you to solve the problem.

  • If you continue to have a problem and our IT specialist is unable to solve the issue, please send an email to IDRChealth-CRDIsante ( requesting permission to submit the application via email.

  • Once you have received permission from IDRC, you can then submit via email.


Please do note that, in any case, applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
23. Where can I find the template for the budget? 
The budget template can be found at:    
24. Is there a recommended format or template for the CVs?
No there is no recommended format or template for the Principal Investigator (PI) and the co-PIs CVs.
However, there are required file types in which the CVs should be uploaded. The list of these file types can be found in FluidReview at the stage where you are asked to upload the CVs.